the first film made by juvenile detainees

«Fonja» is a documentary film made by the youngest and possibly most exceptional filmcrew of Madagascar. Over the course of a four months film production workshop, ten detainees from the male youth prison of Madagascar’s largest detention center in the capital Antananarivo discover the camera for the first time. 

While they learn about the specifications and rules they also develop their very own approach to use the camera. It becomes a tool to play around, to vizualize their own ideas, to rediscover their familiar surrounding upside down, through a filter of purple or fully zoomed into detail. 

“Fonja” takes us on a journey into their daily life in the prison through images independently shot by the young prisoners themselves. We get a glipmse into a world which is shaped by a strong hierarchy and the obedience of internal rules on the one side and social cohesion and solidarity on the other side. - A story about struggles and dreams, told by a strong bonded group and their great spirit to invest all of their creativity, energy and inspiration to make their own film.